Who's Your Hairdresser
Who's Your Hairdresser


8 Things To Do Before an Up-Style or Braid at the Salon


# 1 Choosing the right hairdresser

In 2019 most hairdressers have their own Instagram page with images of the work they create on a daily basis. It’s pretty easy to see the style of work they love doing, and the ones they’re good at.

Don’t be swayed by images of the most swoon-worthy steely-white blonde LOBS (long bobs) .

Or of insanely beautiful shots of long pastel waves cascading down around the face:

Don’t misunderstand me, these hairdressers are so crazy talented, but if all they are posting are fabulous colour shots; can they create, and do they love, up-style and braiding work? Because the reality is, if there are no images of braids or up-styles, then they aren’t doing them on a regular basis and will probably struggle to do yours.

# 2 Look for hairdressers with loads of up styling and braiding posts

And more importantly, posts with multiple pictures of these hairstyles from all angles.

It’s very easy on Instagram to make a side shot look fabulous, but in actual fact looking face-on that same style can appear unbalanced and not work at all.

Most hairdressers have a “style” that they gravitate to, so if the work they are posting is similar to what you had in mind, you’re on the right page.

# 3 All information is good information

Here are some ideas for information to give to your stylist:
- What is the occasion? Wedding guest/ themed party / girls night out?
- What style/look are you going for?
- Do you want Boho Beachy, City slick, Formal or maybe 80’s themed party?

What are you wearing? Open back dress/ high neck / big earrings, all these factors have a big influence on how the style fits cohesively and ultimately how confident you will feel wearing your up-style or braid.

# 4 Ask the maximum price you will be expected to pay

Some styles ,or hair types, require more prepping work to achieve the look you want. If you have very fine hair but want a big full Boho Crown Braid there are definite steps that need to take place before braiding to ensure the outcome you’re wanting.

# 5 Be organised

Do a bit of research before you arrive; go in with a few ideas in mind, this will help the hairdresser immensely. Sometimes even photos of what you definitely DON’T want can be just as helpful; try and be open to suggestions that you hadn’t thought of; all good up-style and braiding specialist will always have a few tricks up their sleeve.

#6 Saving time

Your appointment will be for a set amount of time so don’t waste a precious second of it making your stylist watch you while you scroll through your iphone photo albums, looking for a photo of that hairstyle that you wore to Sarah’s 21st 3 years ago; or while you search in vain for that perfect picture you found on Pinterest just this morning, but forgot to take a screen shot and now you cant find it no matter what you type to search for it.

You will be achieving one thing, cutting your appointment time shorter.

So be prepared.

Take a few minutes before your appointment to find that shot of you with the ‘Do” that everyone complimented you on, because… it did look smoking.
Make a duplicate of that photo and save it to a new album titled “Up styles and Briads I love”.

Here’s how:

  • On your iphone go to photos, open the image you want to save to your new album, at the bottom left of the screen press the square icon with an arrow pointing up, choose duplicate.

  • Go back into photos/albums / on the top left hand corner press the + icon.

  • Create and name your new album.

  • Your next option pop up; will be to select photos for your new album

  • Another way you can add to your album is to go back to cameralroll and your duplicate will be the newest photo, open the photo and as above on the bottom left hand of your screen is a square icon with an arrow pointing upwards, press it and on the bottom row are icons to choose from scroll across until you see the Add to Album icon press this and choose your new album titled “Up styles and Braids I love”.

Easy Peasy; all done.

Now save all the photos here to show examples of what you want, and don’t want, to walk out with.

#7 The million dollar question $$$$$

To wash or not to wash you hair before your appointment.

The best-case scenario for me is to have clients arrive with hair that is washed and left to dry naturally the night before for up-styles. For braids only, washed, dried and straightened the night before is my preferred prep advice.

I would always prefer freshly washed hair over 2 or 3-day-old hair (or god forbid,a week). I can add as much product to freshly washed hair to make it workable but it’s a heck of a difficult task for styling products to soak up oily roots with an expectation of fresh looking hair.

#8 Give them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

If it is a first time visit with this stylist, you are the only one who knows your what feels right for you. If you always have your part to the left, tell them. If you don’t like your ears exposed, speak up. If you never ever have height on the top choosing a quiff is probably never going to feel right.

If a bobby pin is hurting – let them know, it will only get worse and you will either get a headache or end up pulling the pin out risking pieces falling out all over the show.

That’s it, job done! You are now armed with all the tools to help create an up-style or braid where people stop and ask you “Who’s Your Hairdresser?” that looks so amazing on you!