Who's Your Hairdresser
Who's Your Hairdresser



Kellie’s style is fresh, modern braided hairstyles with a simplicity that embraces the un-done.



Kellie is passionate about every aspect of braiding and enamored by up-styling that embraces the look of un-done simplicity.
Braiding is Kellie’s form of self-expression.

The magic begins by endlessly searching, testing, and trialing new innovations to fuel her creativity to become an industry disruptor in the world of braiding and up styling.This means all the legwork is done for you. You’re welcome.

Learning to respect the skill and commitment required to master this art form has come with time and the odd serious splash of hair glitter thrown in - just to keep it real.

Kellie is a wizard at creating customized looks that are fresh & modern, tailor made & ready to wear. Her styles are the perfect fit whether you are a Bride, Wedding guest, Birthday girl or Seeker of holiday hair.

Hair Braiding Workshops Australia

Braiding is the new black, get on board.


Weary of up-styling that is formal and structured, Kellie committed to mastering a fresh, modern and ready to wear approach to hair. Profoundly aware that many people struggle to learn the art of braiding; Kellie recently started as an Independent hair educator.

She now offers hands on workshops in:

• Foundation Modern Braiding Skills

• Undone Street Style Braiding and Up-Styling


Phenomenal Hair.

Half Measures - Never.

The Hairdressing industry has in the past, been a place where harmful chemicals were the everyday norm.

Working with hair products all day every day, Kellie needed to be certain they are not only safe enough for her to work with but are also protecting her clients from harm.

Instinctively becoming a member of the quiet revolution that is “The Natural Organics Movement” led her to seek out and use only the very best in toxic free, and the latest in natural and organic products, so you can be safe in the knowledge you don't have to compromise your health for phenomenal hair.

Free in her choice of professional products that can perform to her standards, embody her business ethos, are committed to the environment and personal health; Kellie selects brands which do not include ammonia, sulphates, parabens, and a myriad of other toxic chemicals.

Refreshingly, the scent of all of the organic and natural products will leave you giddy with joy, not from a headache. Having the integrity to start respectful open dialogue about the dangers of many products used in the hairdressing industry is not always well received, but one I am happy to continue pursuing.

Culture is a consequence of values. It is an output, not an input.



Making an authentic connection is an unexpected bonus while braiding and up-styling clients from all over the world; I hear stories told by amazing women from all walks of life. Some are moving, some stirring, some refreshing, all unique. I think most important of all is that: if you take the time to ask the questions, their story gets heard.” — Kellie

Creativity is a core value that teams perfectly with the passion Kellie has for hairdressing. The need to continuously create beautiful hair, making incremental improvements and always striving to not accept the status quo, Kellie has carved out a niche skill-set, breathing fresh life into hair braiding and up-styling.



Such a simple word for a huge concept; to find meaning in your work, people need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance as a member of a tribe, because everyone will find success in the collective.

An important part of my process working forward is to encourage and foster industry peers to be more collaborative and supportive of each other.



Empowering students means providing a safe environment, enabling them to be brave enough to take risks, feel safe in vulnerability, and not afraid to make mistakes.

Offering the opportunity to learn new skills by experiment, test, fail and test again methodology results in improved performance while being mentored to have the confidence to take ownership of these new-found skills.